The Hassles of Sandcastles

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For ages 2 through 8, the newest children’s picture book by Michele Lynn Seigfried will be available through Amazon in April!

A young raccoon named Myron has a dream to build a sandcastle. There’s only one problem. Myron lives in the woods and can’t find sand, until the day he finds a children’s sandbox at a playground.  He quickly gets to work building his castle with his trusted friend, Bianca, an egret.

Myron soon discovers that finding sand wasn’t his only problem and there are others who comically interfere with his project.

This book teaches children about dreaming big and not giving up hope when all seems lost. Through patience, perseverance, hard work, problem solving, and dedication, we can all make our dreams come true.

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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars!

The Hassles of Sandcastles by Michele Lynn Siegfried is an adorable storybook for children with some good messages. The story begins with Myron marching through the woods, armed with his shovel and pail, determined to make his dreams come true. He faces a lot of obstacles while trying to build his sandcastle, but Myron keeps rebuilding it. Will he succeed in building his sandcastle and make his dreams come true?

The story conveys the wonderful messages of determination, patience, and Hassles illustrator file-06perseverance. The illustrations are lively and charming and they breathe life into the characters and scenes. Myron’s character has been portrayed well and it is real, relatable, and tangible. Bianca’s support in building the sandcastle is palpable through the story. It is always good to introduce children to storybooks that have good concepts, morals, and messages for them as they are able to understand these better when told with the help of stories and illustrations. Myron’s determination and energy to make his dream come true is uplifting and motivating to children. Parents can use the book for bedtime story-telling and encourage their children Hassles illustrator file-08to make their dreams happen. It can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.