A Day in the Life of Bonnie Fattori…

Check out A Day in the Life of Bonnie Fattori — It will give you a small glimpse into Book 3 in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series, coming soon!


A great review of Tax Cut!

Tax Cut makes a stop today at Ski-Wee’s Book Corner.  Check out the great review!  Also, there is another exclusive excerpt.  While there is a lot of humor in Tax Cut, this excerpt is from the serious side of the mystery:


Don’t forget that Tax Cut is still on sale for 99 cents during the book tour!  The sale is ending soon, so get your copy today!

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Another New & Exclusive Excerpt from Tax Cut

Hello everyone!

If you have a chance, please check out Traveling with T’s blog today where Tax Cut is on tour! She has a new, and never been seen before exclusive excerpt of Tax Cut, Book 2 in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series. Don’t forget it’s on sale for 99 cents right now!


Book Review — Tax Cut by Michele Lynn Seigfried

Check out today’s review of Tax Cut — Stop 3 on the Tax Cut Blog Tour! They said Tax Cut is a “perfect vacation read” — how exciting!

Notes from Rumbly Cottage

It is summer time and your beach- read is not going to be some long-winded tome on butterflies, mosses, or goldfinches and the people who explore these topics.

Image from Chick Lit Plus Image from Chick Lit Plus

Really, who wants to read five hundred pages when there is a wonderful breeze slipping past as the sun dances on the waves of the water? And that drink at your side might have a little extra kick in it.

I am ready for something light-weight and fun when Chick Lit Plus sent me a copy of Tax Cut by Michelle Lynn Seigfried.

This is Seigfried’s second novel featuring single-mom Chelsea Alton, a New Jersey municipal clerk who won a settlement against her former employer for unsafe working conditions. This has allowed her to stay home with her adorable 2-year-old girl. But the settlement is getting low and while being at home is great, Chelsea is starting…

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Tax Cut Book Tour! Enter to win!

Check out the first stop in the Tax Cut book tour! Check out the amazing review she gave Tax Cut as well! Don’t forget it’s on sale for 99 cents during the tour and Red Tape is free today & will be free again next week!


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Leave a comment for the #TaxCut Book Tour page and be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! Your chances of winning are good right now, because no one has commented yet! You can even just say “I want to win!” http://www.clpblogtours.com/2014/05/visit-micheles-website-june-23-tabbys.html

99 Cent Sale


I’m off to New York City tonight to get a second place award for Tax Cut, a Cozy Mystery. I’m so excited that I thought in honor of receiving the award, I’d run a 99 cent sale on both books (kindle version) in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series!

To get your copy of Tax Cut on Amazon, click here: 

Kindle Bargain Book Alert!

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Tax Cut front cover

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4.8-star rating on Amazon!

“Tax Cut has everything-suspense, murder, romance…a story that will make you laugh, make you worry, make you want to find out the conclusion as quickly as you can. If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum books, you will like the Chelsey Alton, Jersey Shore Mystery series even more. The characters are real and the story is fun yet suspenseful…I highly recommend this book and expect to see it rising quickly as a favorite series. Tax Cut will soon be the most talked about new book. Don’t miss out-read it today.” — Trudi LoPreto, Readers’ Favorite

“I saw him,” she said. “He handed an envelope filled with money to the tooth fairy.” The ramblings of eighty-nine-year-old woman with dementia. The government employees are used to her regular phone calls and dismiss the crazy old lady; but the new municipal clerk, Chelsey Alton, isn’t so sure the woman is off her rocker. Something’s amiss in the Village of Coral Beach, a small, New Jersey shore town community, and Chelsey’s determined to find out what it is.
The former clerk of Coral Beach, Vinny Buttiglieri was murdered and dead bodies keep popping up all over town. Between being a single mom to a temper tantrum throwing two-year-old, bosses who humiliate her in public, the dead bodies, and a man named Mike Nero that is stalking her, she has her hands quite full!

Chelsey recruits her good friend, Bonnie, a voluptuous woman with an off-color sense of humor, to assist her on a few recon missions. The deeper they dig, the more they put themselves in danger, becoming entangled with sinister mobsters, criminal activity, and government corruption.

Not everything is as it seems. Chelsey thinks she’s doing the right thing, trying to uncover the truth and protect herself at the same time, but can she save herself when she becomes entrenched too deep in this Jersey shore mystery?

Click here to purchase on Amazon: http://www.amzn.to/1exlgXR