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Nobody Bullies Bub! will be available in hardcover on April 15th!

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Nobody Bullies Bub! is the first book in the Bub & Guy Series. It is a beginning reader book, which teaches children how to handle a bully and how to stand up for themselves. It also  helps parents to open communications with their children about bullies. For ages 2 – 8.

Municipal Clerk Rediscovers Her Passion For Writing

I’m excited to be featured on the front page of the Home News Tribune and Courier News today!

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When Michele Lynn Seigfried entered the College of New Jersey, she didn’t have a major. She took an array of classes — art, television, acting, math, science, history, public speaking, stage building, world religions, and women’s studies — but nothing seemed to fit.

Then she took a creative writing class.

“My teacher singled me out to read my assignment about siblings out loud,” the New Jersey native said. “It told the tale of how I would threaten my little brother with flushing his chameleons down the toilet or sucking him up in the vacuum when he had gotten on my nerves. After all, what’s a big sister for? My classmates chuckled at my sense of humor.”

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5* Review for Nobody Bullies Bub!

I’m so excited about this 5 star review for Nobody Bullies Bub!front cover Nobody Bullies Bub-01

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite

Nobody Bullies Bub! by Michele Lynn Siegfried is also illustrated by Michele and tells the story of Bub and how he stands up to a bully at school. The bully tries to take Bub’s lunch, and the story explores the way Bub manages to stand up for himself. It focuses on being strong, being confident, telling a teacher, telling parents, and most of all, not to over-react. The illustrations are simple yet colourful, which will hold a young reader’s attention. Bub is immediately a likeable character and, as readers, children will immediately see how wrong the bully is, and how unjust. The book finishes with helpful advice about what to do if a child finds themselves in a similar position to Bub.

This is a helpful little story that will assist a child to realise not only if they are being bullied, but what they can do about it. Unfortunately, bullying is all too common in schools today and it will help a child to know that there is something they can do about it. Bub’s story is typical of how a bully will single out a child and the advice the author, Michele Lynn Siegfried, offers is set out in a simple and concise way. This will be an ideal book for a parent to read with a child, to offer explanations and to discuss a variety of situations where bullying might occur. Also in the classroom, the teacher could emphasise that bullying will not be tolerated and perhaps avoid situations like Bub’s, which could have turned out much worse if Bub had not been able to stand up to the bully.


Home News Tribune Summer Reader Event

Happy Monday!  I am so excited to be part of the Home News Tribune’s Summer Reading Event coming up on August 19th. I was featured in the newspaper this morning. Here is a snapshot of the front page, showing Nobody Bullies Bub:


I’m honored o to be one of the 10 writers appearing at the ballpark on August 19th. If you are in New Jersey, come on out and see the game and meet all of us!

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I just wanted to let you know that the kindle version of “Nobody Bullies Bub” is free today & tomorrow 3/16 and 3/17. Get your copy on Amazon:

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Free book giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Nobody Bullies Bub, I have decided to giveaway the kindle version of both of my other children’s books for free!

December 10th marks the release date of Nobody Bullies Bub.  The kindle version will be available for only 99 cents on Amazon.

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Book Descriptions:

front cover Nobody Bullies Bub-01Nobody Bullies Bub is the first book in the Bub & Guy Series.  Written and Illustrated by Michele Lynn Seigfried, it is a beginning reader book, which teaches children how to handle a bully and stand up for themselves.  It also helps adults open the lines of communication for speaking to their child about bullying.  This book, with its rhyming story, colorful illustrations, and loveable characters is appealing to both young, school-aged children and preschoolers alike.

cover B is for Beach frontB is for Beach is a  is a picture book for children ages 0-5.  This beginner book contains words describing the beach that all begin with the letter b. Its colorful pictures, cute rhymes and large print, engage small children and encourage them to read.  It is the second book in the Children’s Vacation Series and tells a tale of having fun on the beach. The book was both written and illustrated by Ms. Seigfried.  Anyone who loves the beach and summertime will enjoy this fun-filled book!

S is for shore front coverS is for Shore is the first book in the Children’s Vacation Series.  Written and Illustrated by Michele Lynn Seigfried, it is a simple picture book for very young children. With large-print words and colorful pictures, this book encourage babies and toddlers to read.  It contains all words describing the shore that start with the letter S.  It’s for children ages 0-3.