Steinert High Craft Show

I had the pleasure of attending my old High School today!  I signed up to be a vendor at the Annual PTA Craft Show.  I had such a great time!  I got to see some familiar faces, a couple of my old neighbors and I met many incredible new people.  I can’t express how grateful I was for all of the support I got today.  It is heartwarming to see and hear how people are enjoying my work and are truly happy for my successes.  All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that all of you who bought books enjoy them!  Leave me a review on, or to let me know what you think!  I am absolutely looking forward to being at the craft show next year!  If you are local, I’ll post a reminder up here on this webpage so that you can come out to see me!

Oh, and just a quick update on Tax Cut…I’m about two weeks away from delivering it to the editor.  Then I suspect it will be six weeks at the editor, then a couple more weeks for a final proofread and formatting….so figure about 8 weeks give or take until it’s release!  While it’s at the editor, I’ll be working on my next children’s book, thought I haven’t decided which one.  I have a few ideas…L is for Lake, C is for Caribbean, S is for Snow, an anti-bullying book I’m working on, or my next series with the characters of Guy and Bub.  Decisions, decisions.  Too many ideas, too little time!

Take care and xo!


B is for Beach Release Day

Release day!  B is for Beach paperback!

cover B is for Beach front

I released the paperback version of B is for Beach today, a couple of days early.  Get your copy here: on Amazon or purchase an autographed copy by clicking on the link to the right of this post.

B is for Beach is a children’s picture book, with a cute story and colorful graphics for ages 0-5.

The kindle version is also for sale for 99 cents.

And, in case you haven’t heard….Red Tape will be available free (kindle version) at the end of this week–August 9th, 10th, and 11th.  Mark your calendars & get it for free!


S is for Shore

I’ve announced the release date of S is for Shore…July 16th, which is my mother’s birthday.  I thought this was a small way to honor the relationship between mother and child, since this is a great starter book for a mother to read to a baby or toddler.

cover S is for Shore full

I also had a mini freak-out about S is for Shore tonight!  I uploaded the file to Createspace yesterday.  It was rejected for the cover, which I had made too small.  Then, I fixed the cover and resubmitted it for review.  It came back with an “ok., but…” approval, telling me that due to the flattening of the file, they recommended ordering a proof as a print.

Since this is my first children’s book, first time using Adobe Illustrator, and not having learned this term when I was an art minor in college (too many years ago to mention), I had no clue what this meant.  (For those of you who are like me, clueless about flattening, it basically has to do with the conversion of the file from Illustrator to PDF and the transparencies in the images, like drop shadows).

I ordered to print at lunchtime today and was excited, because I felt like I finished my new book and was done (except for maybe a small amount of tweaking). After work today, I decided to open up the computer proof on Creatspace.  Insert terrible obscenities here!  The entire proof is covered in little white lines.  I’ve been searching the internet for the last two hours, and found some articles that say the white lines won’t print and some that say they will.  I’ve decided to give up and wait and see how the physical proof arrives…which will be next Tuesday, July 2nd.

I hope and pray that it will look just fine and I won’t have tons more work to do to try to get rid of those annoying little white lines!

Have a great evening everyone!