Cover Reveal! That Witch Ripped Up My Flowers

witch book front cover-01

I created the cover last night for my latest children’s picture book!  I am about half finished with the illustrations and I hope to be able to release it by November this year!

More about the book:

That Witch Ripped Up My Flowers

by:  Michele Lynn Seigfried

A little princess just wants to plant her flowers. But, a mean witch rips them all up! What is the princess going to do? Find out in this fun story!

This book, told in rhyme, teaches children about finding solutions to problems and helping others. For children ages 2-8.

Release Date:  November 2014

Sneak Peek Inside The Book:

princess witch-01

Free book giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Nobody Bullies Bub, I have decided to giveaway the kindle version of both of my other children’s books for free!

December 10th marks the release date of Nobody Bullies Bub.  The kindle version will be available for only 99 cents on Amazon.

B is for Beach will be free December 10th – 12th on Amazon (kindle version).  Click here to purchase on those dates:

S is for Shore will also be free December 10th – 12th on Amazon (kindle version).  Click here to purchase on those dates:

Book Descriptions:

front cover Nobody Bullies Bub-01Nobody Bullies Bub is the first book in the Bub & Guy Series.  Written and Illustrated by Michele Lynn Seigfried, it is a beginning reader book, which teaches children how to handle a bully and stand up for themselves.  It also helps adults open the lines of communication for speaking to their child about bullying.  This book, with its rhyming story, colorful illustrations, and loveable characters is appealing to both young, school-aged children and preschoolers alike.

cover B is for Beach frontB is for Beach is a  is a picture book for children ages 0-5.  This beginner book contains words describing the beach that all begin with the letter b. Its colorful pictures, cute rhymes and large print, engage small children and encourage them to read.  It is the second book in the Children’s Vacation Series and tells a tale of having fun on the beach. The book was both written and illustrated by Ms. Seigfried.  Anyone who loves the beach and summertime will enjoy this fun-filled book!

S is for shore front coverS is for Shore is the first book in the Children’s Vacation Series.  Written and Illustrated by Michele Lynn Seigfried, it is a simple picture book for very young children. With large-print words and colorful pictures, this book encourage babies and toddlers to read.  It contains all words describing the shore that start with the letter S.  It’s for children ages 0-3.


B is for Beach Release Day

Release day!  B is for Beach paperback!

cover B is for Beach front

I released the paperback version of B is for Beach today, a couple of days early.  Get your copy here: on Amazon or purchase an autographed copy by clicking on the link to the right of this post.

B is for Beach is a children’s picture book, with a cute story and colorful graphics for ages 0-5.

The kindle version is also for sale for 99 cents.

And, in case you haven’t heard….Red Tape will be available free (kindle version) at the end of this week–August 9th, 10th, and 11th.  Mark your calendars & get it for free!


Release Day! S is for Shore – 99 cents!

Today is the big day!  S is for Shore is finally released!  I’m so happy to finally share my artwork with all of you.  I was an art minor in college but the college I went to, didn’t have classes in graphics, which is where my interests were.  So, I took a bunch of classes at the local community college to learn some programs like photoshop, etc.  I then had a couple of advertising jobs, which were a lot of fun…but didn’t bring home the bacon.  Fast forward 15 years, I decided to finally get back into doing what I enjoy, as a hobby anyway!  I bought a subscription to Adobe Illustrator and this is my first work.  I tried to make the graphics simple and colorful…something that very small children would enjoy!

Get a paperback copy for the toddlers in your life here:

The kindle version is only .99 cents for anyone who has little ones who like to play with the kindle.

I have also placed an order for paperbacks, which is due to arrive next week.  If anyone would like a signed copy, you can order that here on my website on the right side of this page and also under the S is for Shore tab.

Also, to celebrate my first children’s book, I’ve put my mystery novel, Red Tape up for sale for .99 cents as well! So, for under $2, you can get something for yourself and also something for your baby!

Oh, and leave a review on amazon if you can! It helps me out to know what you like and don’t like.  Since I’m working on more books, I’m always seeking advice!

Take Care!


New Giveaway – S is for Shore

Hello! In honor of its upcoming release, I’m hosting a giveaway for a free, autographed copy of S is for Shore on Goodreads.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

S is for Shore by Michele Lynn Seigfried

S is for Shore

by Michele Lynn Seigfried

Giveaway ends August 07, 2013.

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at Goodreads.

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Latest updates!

Hello! I just thought I’d give you a quick update on all my current endeavors.

As you may already know, S is for Shore, my debut children’s picture book is being released on July 16th. I will be placing an order for books, and will likely have them within a week of its release. If you’d like an autographed copy, please order one on this page. Or, it will be available on Amazon (with no shipping if you spend a total of $25). The book price is $10.99.

I’m almost finished with Book 2 in the children’s book series of B is for BeachInstead of just being a picture book, B is for Beach will also have a story.  I haven’t decided on an exact release date yet, but I’m thinking mid to late August.  I illustrated both of these books myself with Adobe Illustrator (which I’m currently teaching myself to use).

I have mapped out outlines for 3 more children’s books in the series, but I will keep those a secret for now!  I’m not sure of a timeline to release those, as I’d like to finish my 2nd novel before I get to work on the other children’s books.

Now, for my sequel to Red Tape, I have decided on a name…Tax Cut, and a cast of characters.  I’ll keep you posted as the story progresses, but there is a little corruption, a little bribery, a little romance, a little mystery, and a little humor–something for everyone!  Well, not something for those under 13 years old.  Bonnie’s raunchiness continues in Tax Cut.  I just love her character so much!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t read Red Tape yet, you can get it on Amazon, or here on my website if you’d like an autographed copy.  It will also be available at any appearances I may be at (check my event tab for dates/times/locations).  It has already received an award at the 2013 Beach Book Festival, and is a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards Competition. It’s only been 3 months since its release, so I’m so excited it is doing so well!

Thanks for reading!