The Hassles of Sandcastles is Now Available!

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For ages 2 through 8, the newest children’s picture book by Michele Lynn Seigfried is now available through Amazon!

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A young raccoon named Myron has a dream to build a sandcastle. There’s only one problem. Myron lives in the woods and can’t find sand, until the day he finds a children’s sandbox at a playground.  He quickly gets to work building his castle with his trusted friend, Bianca, an egret.

Myron soon discovers that finding sand wasn’t his only problem and there are others who comically interfere with his project.

This book teaches children about dreaming big and not giving up hope when all seems lost. Through patience, perseverance, hard work, problem solving, and dedication, we can all make our dreams come true.

Now Available in Hard Cover!

Nobody Bullies Bub! will be available in hardcover on April 15th!

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Nobody Bullies Bub! is the first book in the Bub & Guy Series. It is a beginning reader book, which teaches children how to handle a bully and how to stand up for themselves. It also  helps parents to open communications with their children about bullies. For ages 2 – 8.

5* for Bub and Guy Wish Upon a Star!

Five Star Review from Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite:

Bub and Guy Wish Upon a Star by Michele Lynn Seigfried is a beautiful story of friendship for kids. Bub and his friend5star-flat-web Guy are looking at the night sky and they see a shining star. They decided to make their wish, only to realize that it is not a star. They keep looking at it and they think its a jet. Bub is upset that his wish won’t come true and his friend consoles him. Guy asks him what he wished for, whether it was a car, a house or a barge. But Bub’s reply takes him by surprise. This delightful book of friendship, selflessness and unconditional love will surely find a place in the hearts of all young readers.

Tfront cover Wish upon a star-01he book is beautifully illustrated so that the author’s concept comes across clearly. I found the friendship between Bub and Guy heartwarming and it also teaches kids about loving unconditionally. Parents and grandparents can use the book as a good bedtime story book for their kids and grand kids. It is also perfect for a read aloud session in classrooms and libraries. Children’s books with a concept and a message are sure winners because it’s is the best way to teach kids and this book does just that. It’s a perfect book for small kids and the author does a marvelous job in conveying a beautiful concept using very few words. It is a beginner’s book and the concept of friendship, selflessness and love is conveyed very effectively to readers. 

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This children’s picture book is for ages 2-5, and teaches children about friendship, selflessness and love.  Amazon carries both the paperback version and the kindle version.

5* for Oh No! Snow!

Oh No! Snow! just got 5 stars from Readers’ Favorite! Check out their review:

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

oh no snow front cover-01Oh No! Snow! by Michele Seigfried is a delightful story book for kids that teaches them about the winter season and gives them words that have everything to do with snow and the letter ‘S’. The two little penguins will take kids on a fun ride with what they are going to do in the snow. They wear their scarves and snow boots and plan on building a snowman and having a snow fight. They walk in snowshoes and catch snowflakes and have a lot of fun. The penguins finally feel the chill and they go back home to have soup and feel warm. The fun they had in the snow still lingers in their minds when they go to bed.

I found the book educational, informative and charming. Kids learn new words 5star-shiny-weband things associated with snow and cold weather. The author has put it beautifully so that kids will find the story exciting. The colorful illustrations are eye-catching and give pace and movement to the story. Kids can easily comprehend what the author is trying to convey through the pictures. The penguins in the story are adorable. The book makes a perfect bedtime story book and parents and grandparents can read it out loud to their kids and grand kids. It will also make a good book for read aloud sessions in classrooms and kids’ libraries. Kids’ books with a concept and an educational theme is the best way to teach and introduce young readers to new things.


Review of That Witch Ripped Up My Flowers

Review By Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite:5star-shiny-web

That Witch Ripped Up My Flowers by Michele Lynn Siegfried is the story of a princess who loves her flower garden. It is something that is very precious to her. Unfortunately, the witch doesn’t like flowers at all and she destroys all the flowers. The princess is very upset and can’t understand why the witch would not like flowers, but even more so why would she want to destroy something so beautiful. Fortunately, the princess has a very clever mother, the Queen, who comes up with an idea to protect the flowers from the naughty witch. Between them, can the princess and the Queen manage to solve the problem of stopping the witch from carrying out any more destruction in the flower garden?

This is a sweet story, told in rhyme which helps the story to flow well. The illustrations are simple and colourful and bring the story to life. The author and illustrator, Michele Lynn Siegfried, has done a really good job in conveying a story that is not just about good and evil, but also about jealousy and envy. The witch doesn’t like the princess because she is beautiful, as are the flowers. The witch can’t stand things that are beautiful and so she acts in a mean manner. The fact that the princess finds a way to solve the problem rather than retaliate is a good life lesson in dealing with bullies. This would be a lovely story to be read to a child at bedtime where the parent could discuss the reasons why the princess was successful in acting the way she did.

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