One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam – Guest Post & Giveaway

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I am thrilled to be kicking off the tour for Jennifer Fischetto’s One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam! Welcome Jennifer!  I wish you the best of luck with your newest novel! Written in my favorite genre, I can’t wait to read this cozy mystery!

Guest Post by Jennifer Fishetto

I never thought I’d write cozy mysteries. I grew up watching Barnaby Jones, Quincy M.D., Charlie’s Angels, Hart to Hart, Remington Steele, Moonlighting, and, of course, Murder She Wrote. I always loved mysteries, but I’d never read any cozies. Unless Nancy Drew can be counted.

As a young adult, I adored Mary Higgins Clark—the whole woman in peril thing spoke to me at that age, and I loved Harlequin’s new romantic suspense line. Later on I turned to adult horror. Back then, YA wasn’t what it is today. The Outsiders was a hit, but it was also something we were required to read in school. Judy Blume became a bestseller, but at that time I no longer cared about stories of young girls.

When I first started writing with the belief that I’d one day become published, back in 2005, I assumed I’d follow the shows and books I loved in the past and write romantic suspense. I voraciously read James Patterson, Tami Hoag, Patricia Cornwell, and others. The Alex Cross and Kay Scarpetta series were my favorites, and I devoured book after book. Then I discovered Lisa Gardner, Jordan Dane, and many other authors.

I joined this amazing writing community called Romance Divas, and I applied for their Mentorship Program. They matched up a mentor with a less experienced writer (a mentee) for three months of writing boot camp. Each pair was allowed to do their own thing, whatever the mentee needed during their time together.

By some twist of fate, some divine intervention, I was paired with Gemma Halliday. 🙂

I was ashamed to say I had no clue who she was. LOL And back then she was writing books that were classified as chick lit mysteries. I’d also never heard of that genre. I had a vague idea of what Bridget Jones’ Diary entailed, and while I’d seen a few episodes of Sex and The City, I wasn’t overly familiar with it. So I read her book and took her writing advice.

Much to my dismay, and it very much was dismay back then, I discovered that my writing voice was more conversational than formal. It is just how I speak. At the time I couldn’t imagine writing anything other than dark, gritty romantic suspense. I didn’t consider myself a funny person. I find most humor to not be funny—at least not the physical kind, like slipping on banana peels, and falling over furniture. I loved the 70s sitcom, Three’s Company, but the 2011 movie Bridesmaids left me bored and unmoved.

But, just the same, I started writing lighthearted books and discovered they weren’t bad. Lol My first book was about a woman who went to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and discovered a murder. It was bad. So bad. Full of clichés, stereotypes, and tropes. Needless to say that book will never see the light of day. The motive for the murder was actually quite good though, so it will land in a future novel some day. The next book was about a down-to-earth PI who went undercover on a reality TV show. It was very Miss Congeniality meets The Bachelor. But the motivation for her going on the show just didn’t work. It was such a stretch. 🙂

I turned to YA after this, and it was here that I found my true passion. I love the limitations in YA, with teens still living under the rules of their parents, not being “free” yet. And then I received an email from Gemma Halliday, asking if I’d be interested in co-writing a new series with her. The Jamie Bond Mysteries. I’m super thankful for that mentor program. I must’ve left a great impression because she remembered me five years later. After that I started the Disturbia Diaries series, with book 1, I Spy Dead People. (Book 2, We Are the Weirdos, releases Fall 2015). It’s about a 15-year-old girl who moves to a new town with her true crime novelist dad. She finds a dead body and soon discovers she can see ghosts.

And now I have the Dead by the Numbers Mysteries, which is about a 26-year-old woman who can see ghosts and solves murders. It doesn’t sound too much different from my 15-year-old, hehehe, but the characters are. Gianna Mancini, in One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam, is a quirkier person. She has more laughter in her life. She’s definitely more goofy, and she has a much wider support team. Plus, the paranormal setting, the way the ghosts exist is different too.

Suffice to say, I’m glad Gemma took me under her wing. I’m glad she remembered me when she needed a co-author. And I’m thrilled I was smart enough to sign up with her publishing company. But I never would’ve guessed I’d be writing cozy mysteries.


I have one e-book to give way to a lucky winner!  Just comment on this post to be entered to win!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031]One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam
(Dead by the Numbers Mysteries) (Volume 1)

Paperback: 218 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 24, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1502961587

Purchase Links
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From National Bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes a hauntingly humorous new series…

Gianna Mancini has chatted with ghosts most of her life. It’s never affected her much. Until now. The latest ghost in Gianna’s family-centric, boy-complicated, job-depleted world is Emma Tinsdale, a woman Gianna despises. Wanting Emma out of her apartment and her orbit, Gianna chooses to help her move on, but she doesn’t expect to come across poisonous jam, a vengeful cop, or a group of friendly clowns. When a relative is framed for Emma’s death, Gianna must dig deeper and faster to find out what really happened that fatal night on the beach. With help from her sister, her cop brother, and her ex-boyfriend, Julian, she gets close to figuring out the truth. But when the killer closes in, Gianna better watch her step unless she wants to become the latest member of the dearly departed.



About This Author

Jennifer Fischetto is the National Bestselling Author of the Jamie Bond Mysteries. Unbreakable Bond, her adult debut novel, has received a National Reader’s Choice award nomination. She writes dead bodies for ages 13 to six-feet-under. When not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, singing (off-key), and watching an obscene amount of TV. She also adores trees, thunderstorms, and horror movies—the scarier the better. She lives in Western Mass with her family and is currently working on her next project.

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8 thoughts on “One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam – Guest Post & Giveaway

  1. Sounds like a great read.

  2. I love it when there is a touch of the paranormal mixed in a cozy! And the cover is so very colorful! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! kuzlin at

  3. Loved the concept and enjoyed the book! You have someone who will be buying your next book!

  4. This book sounds awesome. I love the title. Thank you

  5. Thank you for showcasing my book, Michele. And thanks to the lovely comments. 🙂

  6. This book sounds great, can’t wait to read it

  7. I thoroughly enjoy humor in mysteries and would love to read your book.

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