5* Review for Nobody Bullies Bub!

I’m so excited about this 5 star review for Nobody Bullies Bub!front cover Nobody Bullies Bub-01


Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite

Nobody Bullies Bub! by Michele Lynn Siegfried is also illustrated by Michele and tells the story of Bub and how he stands up to a bully at school. The bully tries to take Bub’s lunch, and the story explores the way Bub manages to stand up for himself. It focuses on being strong, being confident, telling a teacher, telling parents, and most of all, not to over-react. The illustrations are simple yet colourful, which will hold a young reader’s attention. Bub is immediately a likeable character and, as readers, children will immediately see how wrong the bully is, and how unjust. The book finishes with helpful advice about what to do if a child finds themselves in a similar position to Bub.

This is a helpful little story that will assist a child to realise not only if they are being bullied, but what they can do about it. Unfortunately, bullying is all too common in schools today and it will help a child to know that there is something they can do about it. Bub’s story is typical of how a bully will single out a child and the advice the author, Michele Lynn Siegfried, offers is set out in a simple and concise way. This will be an ideal book for a parent to read with a child, to offer explanations and to discuss a variety of situations where bullying might occur. Also in the classroom, the teacher could emphasise that bullying will not be tolerated and perhaps avoid situations like Bub’s, which could have turned out much worse if Bub had not been able to stand up to the bully.


3 thoughts on “5* Review for Nobody Bullies Bub!

  1. This looks like a great resource to use in schools. Bullying is such a sad thing. I really like the book, “Creating Hate: How It Is Done, How To Destroy It: A Practical Handbook,” by author Nancy Omeara. http://www.authornancyomeara.com/ It is useful in anyone’s life!

  2. I think you will find Nancy’s book informative and helpful!

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