Introducing Community Affairs! Book 3 in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series.

I just finished another page in “Community Affairs,” book 3 in the Jersey Shore mystery series.  That makes 3 whole pages, lol.  3 disjoined pages at that! I at least have my head wrapped around some ideas now, and I made a few decisions.  I’m going to be writing with flashbacks this time around. The book will start with a kidnapping.  I know I already told you that it will be told from Bonnie’s POV.  And there will be a major twist in the story.  But while you are waiting for months and months to complete this one, make sure you read Books 1 and 2 to catch up.  You can even enter the giveaway to get one of these books for free (an autographed copy)!  You get 5 free entries just because you have liked my facebook page!  I decided to do this giveaway because I was driving all of you nuts the last couple of weeks with all the free kindle giveaways, so this one is for all of you who were cursing me because you don’t have a kindle! lol.  Seriously though, I appreciate you all putting up with my constant kindle giveaway posts these past couple of weeks! Have a great night! xo
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