A TAX CUT some RED TAPE and a giveaway!

Visit Kate Eileen Shannon’s Rantin’ Ravin’ and Reading blog today and find out what a day in my life is like!  Also, enter the giveaway for a free kindle version of Tax Cut by commenting on Kate’s post.  She also gave a great 5* review of Tax Cut which is copied below:


Until was laid off in 2009, I too was a municipal employee with all my certifications (assessment). Thought I would retire from that. Oh well. Needless too say, I find this series a real hoot. And there was a lot to recognize for me. Michele kindly sent RED TAPE to all the reviewers while we were waiting for TAX CUT to be ready. I strongly advise you to read the series from the beginning. Not necessary but so much fun! What I like about Chelsey Alton is she reacts to murder much more like you or I would. After her first one, in RED TAPE, she takes a year off to have a minor nervous breakdown before we see her again in TAX CUT. Not like these Jessica Fletcher types who skip merrily from one murder to another! Of course, now that she has been through another one, I’m sure she will handily handle many more – or so I hope because this is a great new cozy series. And seeing the series is set in New Jersey, I am certain MS Seigfried won’t be running out of material anytime soon. This one is ♥♥♥♥♥

via A TAX CUT some RED TAPE and a giveaway!.

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