Review of Tax Cut, a Jersey Shore Mystery Series Novel

You’re all going to be so sick of me this week, with the book tour for Tax Cut, I’m getting in great reviews, and I’m just so excited about all of them!  Be on the lookout for another giveaway tomorrow, so you can read it for free!  Meanwhile, here is another review from today’s blogger:
Review: This is the second in the series, following RED TAPE. Filled with suspense, humor, friendships, TAX CUTS is fast paced.  Well written and engagi…ng, it was hard to put down.  Chelsey is likable and responsible, even conservative and naive.  Her friend Bonnie is quite the opposite.  When Nero/Zero is added in, along with Babs and her crazy calls, well to say the characters are unique would be an understatement.  The suspense is there and it’s not quite clear who’s running the show until the very end. Hopefully, there will be another one in the Jersey Shore Mysteries series soon.

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