Book Review – When Grammy Goes Away

When Grammy Goes Away

by Flo Barnett

When Grammy

Book Review

I’ve finished the first book in my alphabet reading challenge!  Ok, I know it’s just a children’s book with a small amount of pages, but the challenge rules said any genre was fine, and I hadn’t decided on a book starting with “W” yet, so this worked out.  The fact that I got it free today on Amazon helped out too.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard.  For a child, understanding and dealing with it is even harder.  This book is meant to help children understand death or to give adults a pleasant way of explaining it to them.  It almost made me cry…I guess because I was thinking about having to read this one day to my own child.  Well written in verse, this book is a great buy to help your children cope during a difficult time and open up the lines of communication–letting children know it’s okay to ask questions and talk about death. The illustrations were wonderful as well. I would recommend it.

Get the Book here:

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