Happy 2014

May you all have a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2014!

Happy New Year-01

The paperback version of Tax Cut will be released in a couple of days and I will be finishing up Bub & Guy’s second book, Wish Upon a Star in time for Valentine’s Day.  Tax Cut will be on Tour in February and I’m working on scheduling a few appearances, so I’ll let you know when and where those are as soon as they are booked.  (Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a reading or appearance).

In other goals for 2014, I hope to start on Book 3 in the Jersey Shore Mystery Series.  I’m thinking of making Bonnie the main character in this one.  I’m also floating around the idea of doing an “in between the series” romance for Chelsey and her beaus.  What do you think?  In addition, I intend to complete at least one more children’s book.  A stranger one?  A mystery?  I can’t decide.  One thing at a time I guess!

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!  Wishing you the best year ever!


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