Tax Cut Teaser!

I’m thrilled to announce that I now have a cover for Book 2 in the Jersey Mystery Series, Tax Cut.  But, I’m going to hold off on it’s release for a few more weeks!  So, how about a teaser instead?  I warn you though, the book is still in the editing department, so this may contain typos!

Chapter One

             A navy-blue colored, four-door sedan screeched into a secluded, abandoned warehouse park which sat along the Delaware River in Burlington County, New Jersey. Three men, armed, and dressed in black suits stepped out of the vehicle. They had dark hair and sinister eyes. It was nearly midnight. There were dim lights illuminating a small area near where the car parked, alongside the body of water. The asphalt was damp from a downpour earlier in the evening.

            The largest of the men moved to the trunk of the car and opened it. He reached inside and pulled out a bound and gagged victim. The victim’s name was Vinny Buttiglieri. His hands were tied behind his back and he was blindfolded. Vinny was forced to his knees and the gag was removed.

            “Please don’t do this. I won’t tell anyone. I can help you. I’ll do whatever you say,” Vinny begged. His warm breath could be seen against the frozen backdrop of the night sky.

            The men surrounded him. “Unfortunately, Vinny, you know too much,” the leader of the pack said in a gravelly voice.

            “Please, I swear to you, I didn’t tell anyone and I won’t,” Vinny pleaded.

            The largest of the men pushed Vinny down to his knees. He whimpered. The men moved their positions to face Vinny after they removed his blindfold. Vinny squinted in the darkness to get a better look.

            “You?” he asked.

            “Yes, Vinny, it’s me, and now it’s time to say goodbye,” one of the men said.

            Vinny closed his eyes tightly. Gunshots rang out in the night.


Stay tuned for more teasers and a cover reveal, coming soon!


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