Release Day! S is for Shore – 99 cents!

Today is the big day!  S is for Shore is finally released!  I’m so happy to finally share my artwork with all of you.  I was an art minor in college but the college I went to, didn’t have classes in graphics, which is where my interests were.  So, I took a bunch of classes at the local community college to learn some programs like photoshop, etc.  I then had a couple of advertising jobs, which were a lot of fun…but didn’t bring home the bacon.  Fast forward 15 years, I decided to finally get back into doing what I enjoy, as a hobby anyway!  I bought a subscription to Adobe Illustrator and this is my first work.  I tried to make the graphics simple and colorful…something that very small children would enjoy!

Get a paperback copy for the toddlers in your life here:

The kindle version is only .99 cents for anyone who has little ones who like to play with the kindle.

I have also placed an order for paperbacks, which is due to arrive next week.  If anyone would like a signed copy, you can order that here on my website on the right side of this page and also under the S is for Shore tab.

Also, to celebrate my first children’s book, I’ve put my mystery novel, Red Tape up for sale for .99 cents as well! So, for under $2, you can get something for yourself and also something for your baby!

Oh, and leave a review on amazon if you can! It helps me out to know what you like and don’t like.  Since I’m working on more books, I’m always seeking advice!

Take Care!


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