Latest updates!

Hello! I just thought I’d give you a quick update on all my current endeavors.

As you may already know, S is for Shore, my debut children’s picture book is being released on July 16th. I will be placing an order for books, and will likely have them within a week of its release. If you’d like an autographed copy, please order one on this page. Or, it will be available on Amazon (with no shipping if you spend a total of $25). The book price is $10.99.

I’m almost finished with Book 2 in the children’s book series of B is for BeachInstead of just being a picture book, B is for Beach will also have a story.  I haven’t decided on an exact release date yet, but I’m thinking mid to late August.  I illustrated both of these books myself with Adobe Illustrator (which I’m currently teaching myself to use).

I have mapped out outlines for 3 more children’s books in the series, but I will keep those a secret for now!  I’m not sure of a timeline to release those, as I’d like to finish my 2nd novel before I get to work on the other children’s books.

Now, for my sequel to Red Tape, I have decided on a name…Tax Cut, and a cast of characters.  I’ll keep you posted as the story progresses, but there is a little corruption, a little bribery, a little romance, a little mystery, and a little humor–something for everyone!  Well, not something for those under 13 years old.  Bonnie’s raunchiness continues in Tax Cut.  I just love her character so much!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t read Red Tape yet, you can get it on Amazon, or here on my website if you’d like an autographed copy.  It will also be available at any appearances I may be at (check my event tab for dates/times/locations).  It has already received an award at the 2013 Beach Book Festival, and is a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards Competition. It’s only been 3 months since its release, so I’m so excited it is doing so well!

Thanks for reading!


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